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Sus Dungo

Called the „Latvian indie pop fairies“ and „musical visions“, consisting of 6 young ladies, showcasing a wide range of musical instruments, including accordion, harp, flute, bright vocals, often performed by all band members and origin stage presence.

Sus dungo is a fresh breeze of youth, sincere freedom and improvisational spirit, lighting up the stage and the hearts with genuine performance and original music.

The name “Sus Dungo” has come naturally – the “Sus” actually is a name of Diana’s first guitar (and her nickname afterwards), but “Dungo” means “humming” in Latvian. „I've always been impressed by this kind of sound expression which goes through all the body. That's a type of a sound that can be heard under water and humming is often a sign of somebody being happy or releasing mind free enough to feel,” – says Diana. So, after all – “Sus Dungo” can be a “Humming Guitar” or any other live being feeling the music vibrations under the skin.

The seven girls met somehow by accident with a wish to share the same feeling of music. This, however, means – seven absolutely different and unique feelings united in one common.


DIANA SUS – vocal, songs, acoustic guitar, banjo / Humming under the water
ANNELI ARRO – drums, percussions, vocal / True dancing and ice-cream
MARIKA ARRO – bass guitar, vocal / The sweet dreamer
MARTA TROFIMOVA – electric guitar, ukulele, vocal, songs/ Rock'n'soul
ELIZABETE BALČUS – flute, metalophone, vocal / Fairy tales and flowers
LIENE DRAVNIECE- accordion, piano, vocal, songs / All the bright things and butterflies


Down the River
  • Title: Down the River
  • Year: 2015
  • Catalogue number: BU066Bedrock

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