Playful, vibrant, authentic and without fear of straying from the conservative traditional path or presenting pieces of a more delicate nature, Jodelfisch set a course to unchartered waters upon a new tide (Neue Gezeiten).
The Munich based quartet comprising of 3 Germanic gals and an Englishman weave a musical poetry with the fabric of old folksongs, cultivating instrumental music from the mountains, lakes and waterways of the European continent with a distinctive blend of
voices and a diverse assortment of instruments.
With “a refreshing joy of playing, mischevious humour, the juggling of instruments” (Amberger Zeitung), “4 part vocal harmony that plucks at one’s heart strings” (MUH magazine), and their “uncomparable sound” (Treuchtlinger Kurier), they explore with
abounding curiosity, the worlds of both new and old musics.
Neue Gezeiten, produced in collaboration with Bavarian Classic Radio is released on Beste! Unterhaltung on 21.9.18 featuring Sabrina Walter (hackbrett, harp, voice), Sandra Hollstein (accordeon, voice), Verena Hieber (clarinet, hackbrett, harp, voice) and Gurdan
Besrywan Thomas (tuba, cornet, ukulele, voice).


  • Neue Gezeiten

    Neue Gezeiten

    Year of Release: 2018

    Catalogue-Number: BU080

  • Nah und Fern

    Nah und Fern

    Year of Release: 2013

    Catalogue-Number: BU037

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