Kühnl Trombone Quartet

About the quartet
The trombone quartet, founded in 2022, is comprised of four musicians who have individually been connected with the Kühnl&Hoyer company for many years. By contributing ideas for the further development of instruments, to extensive trombone, bass trumpet, tenor and baritone horn testing, they each developed a personal relationship with the Markt Erlbach family business. Eventually, they decided to band together and showcase the instruments in an ensemble. Unbridled joy in playing, a desire for new musical experiences and, last but not least, many years experience in opera, concert, folk and chamber music are the foundation of the Kühnl Trombone Quartet.

Songs & Dances
We use two core areas of music – spanning back to prehistoric times and across all cultures – as the basis for this recording. For as large as this thematic field is, so varied are the possibilities with our instruments. We combine supposedly simple folk songs, great virtuoso orchestral pieces, as well as original work for trombone quartet with song and dance elements, resulting in original folk music that has been further composed and arranged for us in very different ways.


  • Lieder und Tänze

    Lieder und Tänze

    Year of Release: 2023

    Catalogue-Number: BU093

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