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New Download Single from Laura Moisio

Laura Moisio mit neuer Single

On the 15th of May the new Single of Laur Moisio “Valheet vuoreksi kasaantui” is released.
The New Album will be released in September 2015!


AH VOIX BASS on Air at German Radiostation BR2: Date:26.04. Time: 19:30!

Svavar Knutur

Svavar Knutur

We are releaseing all the three Album of Svavar Knutur as a Vinyl edition:
Ölduslod, Kvöldvaka, Amma and the 12” EP 12” EP Songs of Weltschmerz, Waldeinsamkeit and Wanderlust.

OCHRE ROOM and the new Video

Ochre Room releasing for the release of the the new Vinyl Single “The Fowler” a Video-Clip:
The Fowler

Byrta with New Video Clip

Byrta present their new Video

Gudrid Hansdottir Vinyl 7"

In the first week of March 2015, Gudrid will release a 2 Songs Vinyl 7” – with an Downloadcode as well.

Video is ready! Ragga Gröndal with Svefnljod

The Video Svefnljod from the new Album of Ragga Gröndal is ready.

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