Beste Unterhaltung

Torgeir Vassvik

Pic: Alex Bruun

From the northernmost point of the Norwegian mainland in Sápmi, Gamvik in Finnmark, comes Torgeir Vassvik; a stormy and barren landscape hidden in darkness through the winter. The polar sunlight that flows day and night throughout the summer months never manages to enhance temperatures that normally would be associated with summer.
Vassvik is a Sami artist whose soundscapes mirror this landscape. He plays orginal compositions and traditional tunes, combining joik and the Sami drum with throatjoik and natural sound. And he present this together with some of Norway's most innovative musicians. So comrades the joik story continues. Go on and
on and on and on.

Torgeir Vassvik is a magnetic and individual live performer, among the most fascinating and intense of sami contemporary joikers. A true orginal.'
-Andrew Cronshaw-fRoots