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Ragga Gröndal

Ragga Gröndal has been one of Iceland’s most popular singers since she began her music career in 2003. She has released 7 solo albums and also appeared on numerous albums for various Icelandic musicians, ranging from avant-garde jazz to radio pop. Her albums have sold over 40 thousand copies in Iceland (a population of 310 thousand people) and her songs have won a great popularity among Icelanders. Ragga has won the Icelandic Music Awards four times and been nominated just as often. Ragga has led her own bands and toured all around Iceland and Europe, and performed at many respected music festivals, f.ex. Iceland Airwaves, WOMEX, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Dark Music Days, Kasseler Weltmusikfestival, Festival des Traversées Tatihous and Roskilde Music Festival. Ragga’s voice can also be heard in the IMAX film, “To The Arctic”. Ragga has performed as a soloist with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Reykjavik Big Band and The Icelandic Philharmonic choir and she has also written music for theatre. At the moment, a new Ragga Gröndal album is in the making, and will be released in 2014 in Iceland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


  • Title: Svefnljod
  • Year: 2014
  • Catalogue number: BU057Bedrock

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Astrocat Lullaby
  • Title: Astrocat Lullaby
  • Year: 2013
  • Catalogue number: BU025Bedrock

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