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Gudrun and Bartal

Far out there in the freakish Atlantic ocean, where the harsh winds blow, there are amazingly subtle tunes to be discovered: Gudrun And Bartal are a new band from from the Faroe Islands. On their debut album „Vönin Er „ (translated: hope is!) the duo sings soft popfolksy tunes with a high dreaminess factor. For all the blue hours of this world!

To the astonishingly lively music scene on the Faroe Islands, both musicians are no strangers: Guðrun Pætursdóttir Haberg and Bartal Augustinussen have been members singer-songwriter Guðrið Hansdottir´s live band for several years now and have already successfully toured Europe. In addition, both musicians are also active in the Faroese rock group Bet You Are William.

Loud, raucous sounds do not have any appeal for Guðrun and Bartal. On the contrary: On its first album, the duo presents finely arranged, deliberately minimalist musical gems. Which provide the perfect background for Guðrun´s clear, bright voice. She can verge on the melancholic in simple, but beautifully arranged tracks like „Bryr“. But never will this voice be discouraged or even hopeless! Guðrun And Bartal also convince when it comes to soft-spoken ballads. In these songs for rainy days, we can find an old-fashioned quality: Quiet beauty!


Vönin Er
  • Title: Vönin Er
  • Year: 2014
  • Catalogue number: BU043Bedrock

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