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Elin Kaven

Elin Kaaven – The arctic fairy

Oniric ambient folk music/Alternative folk music

Elin Kåven takes you on a journey to Sapmi, the land where the folklore spirits and mysticism are a part of everyday life. She belongs to the Sami people which are the nomad people north of the arctic circle. Being the grand-granddaughter of the most famous shaman in the icy tundra of Sapmi, she may have inherited some of his magical gifts.

At the same time she is fascinated by other cultures. Something she expresses in her dancing. Like an arctic fairy Elin Kåven radiates with beauty and secrecy.
Since her first EP was released in 2005, she has given a number of performances in Scandinavia, where she has participated in Sami Song contests and “Liet Lavlut European Song Contest for Minority Languages 2008”. In february 2012 her song “Àibbas Jaska / All still” was a finalist in “Internasjonal songwriting competition”. A competition in USA with celebrity judges like Ozzy Osbourne, Tori Amos, Tom Waitts og Robert Smith.
”Knowing that world celebrities like Ozzy Osbourne have heard my song is a prize itself”, Elin smiles.

The song “Àibbbas Jaska / All still”, that also won Sami Grand Prix in 2008, is from her debut album “Jikŋon musihkka-Frozen music” (2009), produced by Ole Jørn Myklebust (Mari Boine, Unni Wilhelmsen). With this album Elin will lure you to the open landscapes of the tundra, the cold north where love for nature is strong. This album is meditative, moving towards a more mystical and modern sound with the presence of traditional elements from the Sami yoik.

Her new album “Máizan – Thaw” was released 23rd november 2012 produced by Juhani Silvola (Highasakite, Frikar). But the first single from this album “Lihkku Niehku/Dream of Fortune” was released already february 2011 during by:Larm I Oslo. The music video to this song is specially made for the northernmost sledge dog race in the world – Finnmarksløpet, which has millions followers all over the world.

„The album «Máizan-Thaw» shows my sami background from a new side, where the traditional, mythical and modern are mixed. Through this album my inner life as a sami girl in the city has manifested. The roots and longing for the nature is present, but at the same time I am drawn towards the urban. The ice in my debutalbum „Jiknon musihkka-Frozen music“ (2009) is melting, and what is under the ice is exposed.“ – Elin Kåven

The album ”Máizan-Thaw” received good reviews both in Norway and abroad. In the magazine Folkemusikk (Folk music) they write; ”This record points forward to something really exciting that can happen to sami music in the future. Elin Kåven doesn´t think boundaries. She has flair for good melodies…” Some of her music is compared to M.I.A. ”Innovative and alternative electropop.”
Other artist Elin is compared to are Ble Canto, Mari Boine and Kate Bush.

Elin Kåven is one of few artists that dare to show the sami culture from a darker, more mysterious side. The obvious sami is not in focus in her performances. ”I am more about the art than to show the traditional sami. I try to give the audience a experience of how life is for me in the north”, Elin says.

The year of 2011 she held the title ”Sami artist of the year 2011” of Sapmi Music/Scene Finnmark, Norway who work with promoting a new sami artist every year.
In ocotber 2011 the documentary «Fellowship of the Weird» was released in the UK. Elin is featured in this movie amongst dancers from USA, England, Spain and Denmark. The documentary is about the alternative bellydance scene in the UK – the first one of its kind in the world, screened in the UK and USA.

Elin Kåven was given the name «The Arctic Fairy» by her UK audience because of her unique stagepresence and style.

In 2013 she was chosen to participate in a new collaboration ”Indigenous Song Lines” between the indigenous TV-channels APTN, NITV, TG4, NRK SÁPMI, MG ALBA, TITV, MAORI and OIWI, and collaborationg with WITBN, World Indigenous TV Boradcasters Network. There are in total 35 participant, 5 from each channel, and each of them will make a music video and a winner will be chosen. All of the music videos will be broadcasted in 2013.