Beste Unterhaltung


ARVVAS (a sami word meaning having energy, desire for work) is the collaboration of the Sami yoiker Sara Marielle Gaup and the Norwegian bass player and singer Steinar Raknes. The yoik is the Sami traditional vocal music. ARVVAS is a mix of yoik and americana. Gaup and Raknes write all the songs together, mixing Sami and English lyrics,- not as translations, but complimenting and fulfilling each other.

Steinar Raknes is one of the foremost Norwegian jazz bass players, known from several Norwegian jazz bands, such as Urban Connection and The Core, and he has toured with artists such as Chick Corea. Raknes worked for several years with the yoiker Inga Juuso, in the duo Skáidi. Remembrance is Raknes´second vocal album. Sara Marielle Gaup is one of the leading Sami young yoikers, and she combines old and modern yoiking techniques. She is participating in several freelance projects and is most known from the band Ádjagas.